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The Future of Stuff Podcast by Mattereum explores the transformation of material culture at all scales, from the personal to the planetary. The range of conversations include team discussions, individual musings, fireside chats, and expert interviews. Our goal is to expand awareness of the true material conditions of 21st century life, explore the ongoing technological and social transformation of our relationship to "stuff," and document how ventures such as Mattereum are thinking and building systems for balancing the ledger of Just One World.

In 2017, Vinay Gupta - a key figure in the Ethereum launch - founded Mattereum to transform global trade. His pioneering legaltech solution streamlines the process, making it quick, seamless, and secure for all types of assets. By facilitating the tokenization and fractional ownership of tangible assets on chain, Mattereum ensures every transaction is safeguarded by international law. Central to Mattereum's breakthrough are Asset Passports.

These comprehensive digital profiles offer a detailed overview of physical assets, complete with legal warranties verified by third-party experts. This framework enables trustworthy trade in 170 countries, transforming the marketplace for high-value items like fine art, gold and real estate. With Mattereum, these assets can now be digitized and traded globally, offering unparalleled legal protection with a mouse click.

One Just World

The MATR token is on sale via Mattereum.de, but is currently unavailable in the UK or USA. T&Cs apply.